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Cure The Penguin

Hundreds of thousands of websites were adversely affected when the Google Penguin algorithm launched earlier this year, and according to some sources thousands more see their ranking fall with every Penguin update. The main aim of Penguin is to weed out spam content but occasionally it does get it wrong and SEO forums are full of complaints made by webmasters who feel their site have been unjustly targeted.

This rather large hitch has now been addressed by Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google. In a recent Tweet Mr Cutts informed his followers about a new form that can be used by webmasters who feel their sites have been wrongly targeted.

The form asks for the URL of the webpage that Penguin has determined to be ‘spammy’ and an example of a search for which the webpage should show up for. There is also a space for any additional comments that could help to resolve the matter.

How long it will take the Google spam team to work their way through the submitted forms remains to be seen, but this positive step by Google can only be seen as a good thing. Put together with Google’s standard page for reporting spam and this new form may see Penguin having the desired effect eventually.

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