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Facebook Fan Pages Lose Popularity with Users

Facebook fan pages have been an integral part of social media and SEO marketing for several years but recent figures released by Ignite Social Media, one of America’s most influential social media agencies, show that the growth of fan pages has slowed dramatically since their peak in 2010.

According to the figures the number of companies creating fan pages hasn’t slowed but the growth of both new and existing pages has slowed. The 2010 year saw the average top 50 branded fan page on Facebook grow by over 370%, but by the end of 2011 this had dropped to just 75%.

Put another way over 47million fans joined the top 50 Facebook fan pages during the six month period July-December 2010. The same six month period in 2011 however only added just over 12million new fans.
You may well ask what does this mean for you.

Simply put this down trend could signal the end of Facebook fan pages as one of the top social media marketing tools. If Facebook users aren’t taking the time to search for fan pages that interest them it could quickly become a waste of time, money and effort creating them.

Of course this trend may just be an anomaly that is put in its place by the results from 2012…only time will tell.

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