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Why Facebook isn’t always the best SEO approach for companies

With a huge significance put on how important social media pages, such as Facebook, are for companies who have SEO articles on their website, this was seemingly debunked recently after a study stated the complete opposite.

Carried out by Nielsen, their study reported that users spend an average of seven hours and four minutes a week on Facebook. This works out to being just under two hours a week, or seventeen minutes a week. With users checking out how their friends are doing or playing games, this doesn’t leave a lot of time for finding out about the services which a company offers. Then again, companies shouldn’t write off Facebook as being a useful promotional tool because it still has a lot to offer. However, there is online competition out there which Facebook needs to face head on.

Google+ is the internet giants’ alternative to Facebook. Search results are edited according to what a user has previously looked for. The news results about Google+ companies are presented and based on what a user has searched for. Google+ can also be edited according to what the user prefers. If they don’t want a particular website becoming apparent to their family, this can be removed so that this isn’t evident. Google+ hopes to be similar to how users interact with people in real life; the more contacts a person has, the more scope there is for companies to have an impact on them.

For now though, Google+ hasn’t got the same stature which Facebook has. But, for companies who want to boost their position on Google Rankings, considering Google+ is recommended because the possible rewards that it offers are ginormous.

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