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Facebook Page Layout – Will It Work For Companies?

If companies have embraced social media and formed their own Facebook page which also features SEO, this offers them an invaluable opportunity to promote their brand to potential customers, as well as clients who have chosen them previously. However, Facebook has recently changed after the unveiling of a new Lists feature.

Lists help a Facebook user to make their News Feed relevant, especially as sections can now be created which profiles a company’s favourite ‘things’. There are many advantages to this, especially as fashion companies can list clothing retailers which they prefer. Therefore, if a brand is preferred over another and it appears in many Lists, it would feature in a News Feed more often.

Facebook has announced these new plans because they’re adapting their site so that it is similar to a newspaper. Eric Faller, who is a software engineer at Facebook, said: “Lists on Facebook are a great way to organise your friends and focus on the people who matter most…You also have interest lists – a whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience on Facebook.”

So, how will this impact SEO? Content will probably have to be changed as many companies will view Lists as an ideal platform to improve traffic. If a particular brand appears on Lists, this could then be mentioned in an article and vice-versa.

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