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Google’s Changes to Privacy Policy – Helpful or a Worry?

The proposed policy changes announced by Google today will mean more than 60 of the 70 policies already in circulation will now be rolled into one single, all-encompassing policy. The results of the changes won’t be that apparent to us, the end user, however you may see some changes in your search results and recommendations.

According to the new policy any information collected about you by one of Google’s services e.g. Google Books, Google wallet, YouTube etc. will now be shared between all of Google’s services. This means your search engine optimisation results will reflect what Google knows about you and what you have browsed for in the past. So for example, if you search YouTube for hints and tips regarding the Xbox game Cars, and then you type ‘cars’ into Google’s search box you’ll be presented with results associated with the game, rather than cars in general.

While a lot of Google users like the idea some claim the changes are tantamount to stalking, and as there is no way to opt out there are some very frustrated people. In fact, the only way to avoid the changes (that mean everything you do on any Google service will be linked with your Google account like it or not) is to delete all your information and stop using Google altogether.
A big ask in anyone’s book.

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Google’s Changes to Privacy Policy – Helpful or a Worry?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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