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Google Deny the Severity of Penguin Update

According to the experts at Google, the Penguin Update that launched at the end of April only affected around 3% of search queries, meaning the vast majority of webmasters should not have had their sites affected in a severe way. Webmasters around the world beg to differ though and from the thousands of forums online it seems that many smaller websites were affected to a greater extent than when Panda rolled out – which incidentally is alleged to have affected just 12% of search queries.

The Penguin Update is Google’s way of trying to stop spam sites that use anything but white hat SEO techniques to boost their search engine rankings, but until Google categorically lets webmasters know what classes as white hat and what doesn’t people and more importantly businesses will continue to suffer.

Again, according to the forums, hundreds of thousands of smaller websites were affected by Penguin and some legitimate sites dropped so far down the rankings they are now virtually undetectable. Unfortunately, according to Google, this is where they will stay as well until the next update is launched, when SEO techniques are once again scrutinised.

So, the advice is until the next update comes around – a date for which hasn’t been released – stick to SEO techniques you know are 100% white hat and think very carefully before trying to manipulate search results.

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