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Google Gold Stars Found to be a Farce

Research conducted by an American SEO company earlier this year found that it takes approximately 2 minutes to set the wheels in motion that will award your website, and hence your business, with as many Google gold stars as you want (5 being the maximum). Google gold stars are supposed to be an indication of the positive feedback received about the business or company they’re attached to, but website owners can very easily add their own gold stars to their SERP listing with just a bit of unethical jiggery-pokery.

As to whether the high-flyers at Google have caught on to the fact that their gold star review scheme is becoming a laughing stock is anybody’s guess but several SEO companies have realised what’s occurring and they want Google to do something about it.

A spokesman from V1 SEO, one of the companies that have recently publicised Google’s mistake said, “There are numerous ways to get these stars showing with your listing and each shows what a mockery the Google Review system with Gold Stars is. Once more webmasters know how to do this will we see every listing in the Google top 10 with 5 stars next to them?

Yes we probably will, and at that point we can confine Google gold stars to the SEO myths bin along with so many other SEO techniques that no longer mean anything or in fact do anything.

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Google Gold Stars Found to be a Farce, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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