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Google makes Changes to Compete with Bing

It seems the recent move by Bing to incorporate the Facebook ‘Likes’ algorithm into their personalisation of search results has prompted Google to add the number of shares a website has on the various network sites into their search result snippets. This doesn’t mean to say however that Google is going to incorporate social network shares into their algorithm as Bing has done, and the information added to the snippets is just that…useful information.

What does this mean for users?

It means that users of Bing will get personalised search results that take into account website popularity through social network sharing. So, if two competing websites employ similar SEO strategies but one has 10,000 shares while the other has just 1000, the site with more shares will rank higher. Users of Google on the other hand will simply see the number of shares each site has in the search engine snippet.

It is thought that Google’s small addition has come as a result of Bing’s changes, and is simply an attempt to show that the folks behind Google care about social sharing as much as the other major search engines. Whether Google will incorporate the Facebook algorithm at a later date remains to be seen, but for now it seems their snippet addition is just an informational act.

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