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Google Revenues Fall

The news that Google’s advertising revenue has fallen yet again made it to mainstream news last week, even though they didn’t set about to widely advertise the fact. The drop in revenue is reported to be much more substantial than analysts predicted and as a result Google’s share prices fell by 4% before they made any announcements.

What does this mean in terms of SEO though?

Well it seems that advertising revenue isn’t down in general over the internet and search engines such as Bing have reported an increase. Google are blaming their losses on their significant move to conquer the mobile market but experts say this explanation doesn’t really make sense, and it’s more likely that users are starting to try new things in terms of advertising and surfing.
It isn’t recommended that SEO companies and webmasters stop optimising primarily for Google but it is recommended that they keep search engines such as Bing in mind when tweaking their SEO campaigns. It’s predicted that Bing is going to see the best increase in advertising revenue over the next 12 months and as a result any optimisation aimed at Bing will only increase in value.

It is also recommended that SEO companies make an effort to develop a system that will ensure top slots with Google’s mobile market – just in case their explanation for their falling revenues holds to be true.

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