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Page One On Google – How Quick Can It Happen?

Page One On Google?

Page one on Google – The Holy Grail Of SEO?

Probably the no.1 question I get asked by clients is “How long will it take me to get to page one on Google?” I have to be honest……..It depends..

It depends on several factors. These include:-

• The competitiveness of the Keyword to get to page one on google
• The “on” Page factors on the site in question
• The age of the site
• How relevant the keyword is to the site
• How good the competition is

Is it Easy To Get To Page One On Google?

Plus lots of other SEO factors I’ve not got time to go into now.
But being the type of guy I am i’m prepared to stick my neck out and give you the following “rules of thumb” we have found to be pretty accurate in getting to page one of google

Low Competitive Keyword ( Less than 200,000 Results)*
30 – 60 Days

Mid Competitive Keyword ( 200,000 – 500,000 Results)
45 – 90 Days

High Competitive Keyword (500,000 – 1m Results)
60 – 120 Days

Ultra High Competitive Keyword ( 1m Results +)
90 – 120 Days

Mega Competitive Keywords ( 10m Results +)
120 – 180 Days

Although these are only a rough guide I have found them to be pretty accurate with most of our search engine optimisation clients.

*This is only an estimate of how long it takes to get to page one on google

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