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Is Google+ Winning the SEO War with Facebook?

The popularity of Google+ is growing, there is no denying this fact, but is it becoming better in terms of SEO and boosted rankings than the ever-present Facebook? Most experts in the world of SEO say yes, social interaction with Google+ does now help to boost search engine rankings more than Facebook, but is this just because it is Google behind the new social platform?

According to a number of expert opinions Google+ is becoming a much better way of sharing links and news with business associates i.e. those contacts that are actually going to take interest in them, and ultimately share with their contacts. The ‘Circles’ aspect of Google+ means a user can share certain snippets of information with some contacts but not others, meaning they don’t spam those that aren’t interested.

Facebook on the other hand is now very much a friend-orientated social platform where personal status updates tend to get more shares and comments than technical, business-related ones. So from a business SEO view point Google+ is quickly becoming the path to choose. This doesn’t mean to say you should neglect Facebook entirely though as Google does still use data from the platform when determining page rankings.

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