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Is your SEO Company Doing a Complete Job?

It seems from recent reports that a growing number of SEO amateurs are passing themselves off as professional SEO companies because they know SEO is an industry with big potential earnings. They also know that SEO is a major factor when it comes to website and ultimately business success, and that thousands of business owners are now turning to quality SEO companies for help to get ahead.
If you are already employing the services of an SEO company or agency you need to be sure it is doing all it can to create an SEO campaign that hits the mark.

So what does a complete SEO campaign look like?

1. Your SEO Company should be creating top quality, search engine optimised written content for your website and as linking aids on a regular basis.

2. They should also know how to build quality links to websites with related information. If they are using automated link building applications to create bulk links you need to reassess their use to you.

3. They should have developed or be in the process of developing a social media campaign to complement the other aspects of your SEO. If they have no intentions of going down the social media route then again, you need to reassess.

So in short, if your SEO Company isn’t undertaking all three of the campaign aspects mentioned above consider looking elsewhere.

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