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Latest Google Update gets Dubious Results

The latest Google update that launched earlier this week has met with mixed reactions from webmasters and SEO companies as an upshot of the results it has so far created. The update, which is aimed at reducing the amount of spam results Google users get from searches, doesn’t seem to work as it should, and in some cases official sites have be ranked way down the pages while spam sites with little or no content remain on page 1.

Penguin, the official name for the update, seems to have had a very fast impact, and forums all over the internet are buzzing with people complaining that their website rank has fallen literally overnight. Of course the people that have had a positive outcome and those that have seen no change seem to be keeping quiet and so at the present time it is difficult to say whether the update has made things better or worse.

Saying that, searches for major spam topics such as ‘viagra’ and ‘make money online’ have turned up some worrying results, with official, high quality sites being ranked low and spam sites bagging the top spots.

Experts predict that the Penguin update will be further updated in the near future so that spam results are penalised as they quite rightly should be.

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Latest Google Update gets Dubious Results, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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