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Next Google Update to Target Over-optimised Websites

At the end of March, Google announced that their next algorithm up-date would target what they term ‘over-optimised’ websites in an effort to bring highly relevant search results to Google users. The only problem with this is that Google has so far failed to specify what they mean by over-optimisation, and as a result webmasters and SEO companies could find their projects suffer when the update comes into force.

Some SEO experts have speculated that Google’s idea of over-optimisation could include things like extensive internal link building that is largely unnecessary, external link building strategies that encourage spam links and the overuse of keywords in title tags. Of course this is speculation and only time will tell what types of optimisation now negatively affect ranking.

Probably the best way to counteract the upcoming changes and any others in the future is to concentrate on use experience rather than focusing on the working of search engines. Tailor your website to the human user and stick to SEO techniques you know are tried and tested. Chances are future Google up-dates will mean you have to change a few things but they won’t mean your website gets penalised for SEO strategies you thought were above board.

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