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Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

Whatever your websites’ intended audience is, it depends on what areas need to be focused on in order for traffic levels to increase. For example, if your website is about Italian cuisine, a link placed on a site which discusses Gaelic Sports would be a wasted opportunity. Targeting audiences which are relevant is vitally important.

With an untold number of businesses around at present with a larger proportion of this being small businesses which are normally sole traders, successfully spreading the word over the internet is imperative. One way in which this can be done is through Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But what is it and how can it help your own website?

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation is a third-party method of how to guide traffic to your site. The third parties can be directed from a number of sources which include the following:

  • Social networking. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these sites allow you to post a link to your chosen website. Off Page SEO can be enhanced further especially if you focus your efforts on relevant pages found on these social networking sites which cater to this particular audience.
  • Writing your own blog which is themed. With a whole host of free websites currently available that include, this opportunity allows you to provide a unique voice which will leave a lasting impression on the user. And, the more individual your voice is, the likelihood of your Off Page Search Engine Optimisation appearing higher on internet search engines will be.
  • PR campaign. Distributing Press Releases needn’t be expensive thanks to several websites which provide this service for free. These websites often allow you to edit your Press Releases. So, if your current angle is not providing enough Off Page SEO coverage, this means you can adjust your structure and approach.

The time is now for you to act on your Off Page Search Engine Optimisation. It might take a while for the right results to come along but when they do, it will be worth it.

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