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SEO Affected By Google?

After Google announced during the past few days that Encrypted or Secure Search will be expanded to international Google domains, questions have been raised; will Google “Search Plus Your World” be rolled out internationally? And will SEO soon change?

Encrypted Search will more than likely result in a reduction of recorded search query data. This will have an impact on searches which are carried out, as well as organic search results.

Google Advertisers will be able to see the encrypted data, courtesy of a loophole which has been left in by the search engine giant. So, what does it mean for SEO? Marketers will have to demonstrate a better campaign success, with online marketing campaigns having more prominence. The users who follow marketing campaigns will have to be measured, in regards to how visitors convert to sales or enquiries.

Encrypted Search could start the coming of a new age for search. More personalised search results are certainly round the corner, thus a ‘social media’ approach being used. Leading SEO companies will have to adapt their approach so that their content has a greater impact on users. If they don’t, there is a very strong chance that they will fall by the wayside.

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