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How to choose an SEO Agency for your Website

The rules and regulations pertaining to website SEO change on a regular basis, so what may be good for your search engine rankings this week could damage them next week. The fact that things change so quickly, coupled with the complexities of SEO in general mean that most website owners choose to employ the services of an SEO Agency.

But how do you choose the right SEO agency for your needs?

Check what services they actually offer

Do you want an SEO agency that offers the full package i.e. keyword research, website optimisation, content creation and link building, or would you prefer to find a company that offers the basics onto which you can then build?

Some agencies only offer a complete SEO package which means you have to pay for all of the SEO processes mentioned above even if you have a good grasp of them yourself. In other words you don’t get to choose the SEO processes you want to employ or pay for.

It is much more advisable to choose an SEO agency that allows you to tailor your SEO strategy to your exact needs. Obviously you’ll also want them to advise you with regards to what works and what doesn’t but at the end of the day the choice needs to be yours.

Can they provide past client case studies?

Can the SEO agency you’re interested in provide you with examples of their work? Do they consistently achieve page 1 rankings on Google for their clients, and do they have case studies to prove it?

The whole point of hiring an SEO agency is to get your website high in the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords…or in other words the job of an SEO agency is to get your website noticed. If they can’t show that they can do this then they may not be worth their fee.

Can they provide client testimonials?

Client testimonials say it all so the more an SEO agency can provide the better. If the client testimonials they offer tally with the case studies they have on their website or that they can send links to then you know they are genuine and can be trusted.

Not all SEO agencies put client testimonials on their website so you may have to ask to see some. If a particular agency can’t offer any, or any case studies for that matter then they may be very new to the business and a little inexperienced. This doesn’t mean to say they aren’t worth hiring of course, but there is no way of knowing they will deliver exactly what they promise to deliver.

What are their fees?

To find out if the fees charged by an SEO agency are reasonable you will have to consult a number of similar agencies for comparison. Bear in mind that for a full SEO package you will be looking at a four figure sum, but when you weigh this against the benefits you get from hiring a professional agency you’ll see it is definitely money well spent.

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