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The alternative for SEO

If you regularly use search engines on a daily basis, there are some in particular which you might be aware of. Google, Yahoo and Bing are prime examples of such. However, there are other search engines which are proving to be very popular for other nations around the world. In Russia, Yandex is fast becoming the number one choice of many web users. As we all know, Russia isn’t exactly a small territory. In fact, with its approximate one hundred and forty million residents, it is around twice the size of the United Kingdom. But what is Yandex? And how can it aid your SEO?

Web users are finding out for themselves that Yandex operates a completely different system than what other Western search engines use. Although its homepage is similar in many ways thanks to its white background, Yandex doesn’t mix any search results. Web users can search for their content individually, rather than having search results, images and videos appearing at the same time. Google calls this ‘universal search’ but Yandex doesn’t do this.

The main issue with Yandex, though, is that it prefers Russian websites. This has a major impact on the success of a websites SEO, especially if they do not have a Russian page. However, what Yandex does successfully do is that it broadens search results, rather than concentrating on what appears for a home nation. So, instead of a search engine focusing on search results which appear for a particular country, Yandex is liberal in its approach. Therefore, SEO search results which wouldn’t normally appear on Google or Bing typically become apparent on Yandex.

Yandex may not be as popular for SEO content at the moment when compared to Google or Yahoo but, if a wider audience started to use it, this could change.

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