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SEO Content Creation Post Panda

As we all know Google Panda likes to read good quality content on the websites it trawls, but what exactly does ‘good quality content’ consist of? Follow the tips below to make sure your content helps your SEO campaign in the way that content should.

1. Search engine optimisation – obviously your website content needs to be search engine optimised to get noticed by both search engines and internet users. Do your keyword research and use the best SEO keywords you can as often as you can without getting penalised for stuffing.

2. Quality writing – your content should be well written and readable by a human. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fit in SEO keywords where they don’t really make sense as it won’t do you any favours in the long run.

3. Informative – in addition to being readable your content has to be informative. Give your readers new information and try to make it sharable if possible. The more people who pass your content on via ‘share’ buttons the better your SEO will become.

4. Freshness – Google Panda likes to see fresh content on a website just as much as it likes to see well written, informative content with good SEO. Add to your site on a regular basis, maybe with the help of a blog page.

Make note of these tips and you’ll soon see your SEO efforts having the desired effect.

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