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SEO For Relevancy

Every time someone types a search into Google or Yahoo or any of the other main search engines the results that come back are ranked in terms of relevancy to the search term. This means that in order to rank highly for your chosen search terms (keywords) the search engine bots that index your website have to see significant levels of relevancy everywhere they look. (this is SEO guys…..)

Thankfully there are three easy ways to achieve this…

1. Through site structure – let’s say you sell power tools through your website but your main line is cordless drills. You would obviously have ‘cordless drills’ as a main keyword phrase and so in order for your website to rank highly your main pages would need to be relevant to cordless drills. If you can mention cordless drills on the other pages as well then your site will quickly be assessed as being highly relevant to that search term.

2. Through page titles – the title tag of a webpage is the first thing that a search engine bot reads. This means if your main keywords are included within the title tag your relevancy and rank increase.

3. Through backlinks from other relevant sites – the more quality links you have going to your website from other quality websites with the same topic, the more authoritative your site looks in the eyes of a search engine spider/bot.

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