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SEO For Small Business

SEO For Small Business – What’s the point?

Why is SEO for small business so important? SEO has been around for many years, but it’s only recently that small business has really realised its full and true potential. The beauty of SEO is that it favours both the large and small enterprise equally and alike. SEO for small business can help them to maximise their message(s) for maximum profit. Using SEO and social media, it’s possible to reach a wider audience and target marketing efforts more than ever before. A higher search engine ranking leads to a higher page ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc thus allowing the smaller business to compete with the big boys in their industry too for market share.

With the utilisation of the correct keywords and an in depth knowledge of the complicated algorithms used by the web crawlers i.e. the words that attract them; based upon the most popular keywords searched for in number, SEO companies are able to make SEO for small business work to their clients advantage. For example a sole trader selling dog training products, previously may have been limited to his/her local area via the internet, yellow pages or local listings, whereas now, with a website maximising the correct keywords for his/her business i.e. successful dog training products, proven dog training products or cheap dog training products, he/ she is able to reach exactly what their target market/ potential new customers are actually searching for.

SEO For Small Business – Does It Really Matter?

In fact, any product or service searched for on the internet / world wide web, will have a number of highly searched terms or ‘keywords’ as they are known in the SEO market. Then when their website uses social media too, like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, the reach becomes much wider to a much wider target audience / market. It is when social media is added as an additional string to the small business’ bow that they can really start to see their profits soar.

Facebook creates a following that will grow exponentially every time someone becomes a new follower and for every new follower, there can literally be thousands more as the domino efftec comes into play. Then when customers begin to Twitter about products and services that they have found satisfaction with, this again reinforces the marketing message at no financial cost to the business. Youtube can and should be used to promote your product and help to get that message across in a video format.

SEO For Small Business?

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