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Google Panda makes Guest Blogging a Top Choice for SEO

When the recent Google Panda update took effect, hundreds of thousands of websites ended up with reduced rankings because they were seen to have duplicate content, or what can only be termed as spam backlinks from irrelevant and unrelated sites. This means the owners of the effected websites, or the SEO companies who were in charge of the SEO campaign, had to think of a new way of getting top quality content on the internet with good backlinks to the site in question…and the answer is of course guest blogging.

Guest blogging is no harder than writing for your own blog but it allows you to spread your content further around the internet, and hopefully to a much wider audience. Each guest blog you post also provides you with the opportunity to link back to your own blog or website, and being as you are only going to be guest blogging on related websites there is no fear of being pulled up for irrelevant or spam backlinks.

The only potential problem is getting your guest blog posts accepted, but providing you turn out consistently good content that benefits the SEO of the guest site as much as your own there is no reason why you can’t find yourself numerous guest sites to contribute to on a regular basis.

And if Google Panda says it’s okay then it’s definitely an SEO tool to concentrate on.

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Google Panda makes Guest Blogging a Top Choice for SEO, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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