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SEO – Is It Really Necessary?

Nowadays, most of the online community –particularly companies that rely on a website for attracting their core business – know that SEO entails the clever marketing of a website, with particular attention focussed on how the search engines work. Knowing those inner workings is paramount to knowing how to make a website successful.

But what exactly does SEO entail, and how will an SEO company magically boost a website’s rankings on the major search engines?
Whilst most SEO companies have their own strategy in place for improving a website’s online presence, the key is knowing how exactly Google determines which websites deserve to be placed towards the top of its search results.

It goes without saying that keywords play a major part of any website; a cleaning company, for example, would not fare well in the online world if its website did not even mention some of its services (domestic cleaning, oven cleaning, etc). If a potential customer wanted to shop around online for one of these services, they would likely type the search term into Google in order to locate a company that offers them. Analysing the most commonly searched for terms of a company’s main products is therefore a key focus where SEO is concerned – but that is only one aspect of optimising a website.

Google operates very much like a democracy in that websites that receive the most votes (or, in the online world, inbound links from other websites), receive a boost in search engine rankings. SEO therefore entails a cunning form of marketing that promotes linking to a website in order to improve its overall position in the major search engines. In a nutshell – the more people linking to your website, the further up the search results it will appear and the more traffic it will attract.

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