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Onsite Widgets For SEO?

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Facebook, featured, SEO, SEO Tips, Social Media | 7 comments

The boffins at Google recently admitted that ‘Tweets’, ‘Likes’ and ‘+1s’ are now being used to rank webpages, in addition to the traditional SEO techniques. This means that placing a widget i.e. a small clickable button that allows you to share a webpage through one of the social media platforms, can be a quick and easy way to boost the rank of your website. And one of the best ways to get people to share your website is with a contest, or a competition. So, let’s say you add a competition page to your website where you advertise...

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Is there any point writing a Press Release to help with SEO?

Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in featured, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, SEO | 2 comments

Press releases are a good and natural way of creating backlinks to your company or personal website, but when you consider the time it takes to write a quality press release that is going to grab your reader’s attention you have to wonder if there isn’t a better way to boost your SEO. A quality press release needs to focus on a special event, a major feat or a big milestone that your company wants to advertise, so they aren’t the type of thing you’ll be writing every week. They need to be completely factual and not opinion based, which...

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The alternative for SEO

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012 in featured, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO News | 0 comments

If you regularly use search engines on a daily basis, there are some in particular which you might be aware of. Google, Yahoo and Bing are prime examples of such. However, there are other search engines which are proving to be very popular for other nations around the world. In Russia, Yandex is fast becoming the number one choice of many web users. As we all know, Russia isn’t exactly a small territory. In fact, with its approximate one hundred and forty million residents, it is around twice the size of the United Kingdom. But what is...

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Will Google’s New Privacy Policy Affect your Adwords Campaign

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in featured, SEO, SEO News | 0 comments

Google’s new privacy policy that went live on March 1st this year has partly been composed in order to make your internet search experience easier and more enjoyable. It primarily does this by collating all your information from your different Google accounts e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Google +, Google search etc. and tailoring your search results based on previous data. This is great for you, but if your potential customers are experiencing the same changes it could be that your Google Adwords are no longer being seen by the people that matter....

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Facebook adapts its layout for brands

Posted by on Mar 6, 2012 in Facebook, featured, SEO, SEO News, Social Media | 0 comments

When brands want to tell consumers about their products on social media websites, their needs can be catered for courtesy of the new layout which Facebook launched over the past couple of days. Similar to personal profile timelines, large cover photos can be found at the top of a page. This photo could be of a team which a company has, or even their company logo. This photo can help to sell a brand as, just like the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. On this new profile, SEO content can stay on the timeline for seven days....

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The video support offered by which can aid your SEO

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Facebook, SEO, SEO News, Social Media | 0 comments

In 2011, the three search engine giants Bing, Google and Yahoo worked together and they created; a language that allows webmasters to mark up text. This allows any web user to know about the content of a page before they even click on a search result. Thanks to, studies have reported that click-through rates are more prolific. Its success has been noticed by Google and they are now officially supporting video on Schema. “Videos are one of the most common types of results on Google and we want to make sure that your...

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Is Google Plus ever going to take off?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Facebook, featured, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media | 30 comments

Google’s answer to Facebook, Google Plus, has been around a while now but according to a recent report by comScore, the new social media platform still comes up very short when compared to its counterparts. Figures included in the report show that users spent an average of just 3.3 minutes each using Google Plus during the month of January, whereas they spent 7.5 hours using Facebook. These figures have it seems taken a downturn from the previous few months, going from 5.1 minutes in November to 4.8 minutes in December and finally 3.3...

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SEO Blog Great For Search Engine Optimisation

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Facebook, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Tips | 2 comments

If a company wants their customers to be aware about what their plan is for the next few weeks or months, they also might want those who visit their website to be aware of their latest news. This can feature in a blog. The content which is found in a blog can be structured in a way which will help to promote not just a business’s services but any products which are about to be launched. Courtesy of an SEO blog, this will update a user instantaneously. When writing an SEO blog, there are many factors which should be considered. Only writing...

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The importance of Twitter and online advertising for the Republican candidates

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in featured, Social Media | 0 comments

As the race for who will be the next President of the United States of America starts to rev up a gear, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are among four Republican candidates. With primaries happening in numerous States at the moment, the importance of online advertising and social media is incredibly relevant this time around; especially as a pro-Mitt Romney group spent $600,000 on attacking Santorum. Online advertising is also being targeted at key States who will soon be running primaries. A site called has been set up to...

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Google Announce More Updates for February

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in featured, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, SEO News, Social Media | 0 comments

According to Google’s official blog, ‘Inside Search’, over 40 updates were released during the month of February, one of the biggest being another Google Panda update. The newest update, which puts us on Panda 3.3 only a year after launching, is again targeting the quality of written content on websites.  Thus, if you still have inferior content on your site, or content that can be considered out of date, you might want to look at rehashing it sooner rather than later. Another of the updates concerns website links although the actual...

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