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SEO v PPC – which is best for your business?

There has always been a divide to what is the best method of attracting new clients to your website? This is the great SEO v PPC debate


The Pros
Quick – you can get traffic within just a few minutes of setting up your campaign.
Easier to monitor – you can check which keywords are converting and “turn off” those which are not.
It’s scaleable – you can set your budget accordingly – high or low
You can chose to advertise when you want.

The Cons
Get it wrong and your “BUST” – I made this costly mistake a few years ago and blew £15k in 9 days.
Stopping paying and stop getting traffic – as it says on the tin. As soon as the cash stops flowing so does the traffic

The Pros
Long lasting results – get this right and you’ll get traffic for years to come
The ONLY cost is time – this can be easily outsourced if it’s not your cup of tea

The Cons

Google likes to change the algorithm regulary ( sad but true..)
It takes time to get results – dependant on what keywords you’re trying to rank for will determine how quick you can get ranked on the first page of the search engines.

“I guess it’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare SEO v PPC Race – one gets there quicker…but who wins the race??”

My personal view is I like SEO. It does take time but providing you are providing relevant content for your audience and you have structured your site correctly then you shouldn’t have any SEO headaches. If you like instant results then PPC is probably for you.

SEO v PPC – Why not use both ??

Good idea….we are just doing this now on several client sites and finding some interesting results being discovered – I do think that there is a slight advantage to sites who advertise using PPC and by using SEO especially in competitive markets. Whilst my results are not conclusive they are somewhat interesting.

SEO v PPC – the games always changing…..are you too?

I think it also takes two distinct types of person when setting up your traffic – SEO is definately more creative whilst generally PPC is a lot more analytical -SEO v PPC – depends on what results you want and by when… the verdict is still open.


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