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Are Wiki Pages a Thing of the Past in Terms of SEO?

There was a time not long ago when a Wikipedia page was thought to be one of the top SEO tools for small businesses. Not only could you link your Wiki page to your website, you could use it to build your reputation as an expert within your field. Things change though and according to many SEO experts today Wiki pages are not the SEO miracles they once were.

Consider first the linking aspect. Yes you can link your Wiki page to your business website, and you can even link it to other Wiki pages you’ve put together, but time has shown that very few Wikipedia users bother to follow links once they have the information they’re looking for (which you will have already provided on your Wiki page in a bid to build a reputation as an expert).

Then there is the reputation side of Wikipedia. Again you can build your pages full of correct and interesting information, filled with keywords that get you noticed as a field expert, but the open-source editing system that the site employs means your page can be changed, added to and even sabotaged if you don’t keep a constant eye on it.

When it comes to Wikipedia as an SEO tool very few SEO agencies go down the route today, and if you ask the experts most will say that for small businesses a Wiki page is simply a waste of time.

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