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Tweet your URL and Improve your Google Rank

Recent research by Branded3 has at last shown a positive correlation between the number of mentions a URL gets on Twitter and its Google rankings. Yes, most webmasters have believed this to be the case for years now, but now there are statistics to prove it.

The key findings of the research show the following:

• URLs that are frequently shared on Twitter experience a significant boost in terms of Google rankings.
• Rankings improve up to around 50 tweets and then they tend to level off, only beginning to improve again at the 5000 tweet stage. So between 50 and 5000 nothing much happens.
• When a URL passes the 5000 tweets stage the average ranking improves considerably.
• Get more than 7500 tweets mentioning your URL and your site will generally rank in the top five results.

Okay, so it’s a big gap between 50 tweets and 5000 but if you produce quality content for your site that’s original, entertaining, thought-provoking and above all in no way self-promotional then people are going to want to share it.

Spending time on writing content people want to read while also spending time making the most of your Twitter account will show results. It may take a while to see the results but they’ll be impressive when you get them.

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