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The video support offered by which can aid your SEO

In 2011, the three search engine giants Bing, Google and Yahoo worked together and they created; a language that allows webmasters to mark up text. This allows any web user to know about the content of a page before they even click on a search result. Thanks to, studies have reported that click-through rates are more prolific. Its success has been noticed by Google and they are now officially supporting video on Schema.

“Videos are one of the most common types of results on Google and we want to make sure that your videos get indexed” said Henry Zhang, who is the product manager for Google videos. For each video, Google requires that a title, description, thumbnail image and the Embed URL or content URL is provided for every video. Schema’s considerable vocabulary can then be utilised to make the video as relevant as possible to web users.

So, how does Schema aid SEO? Although this creates extra work for companies who use SEO, using rich snippets has been reported to create excellent results and help to boost their position on Google Rankings. Before deciding to use Schema, it is recommended that companies test their markup on Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool before any content goes live.

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The video support offered by which can aid your SEO, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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