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What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a technique used to ensure that all the aspects of a website are adjusted to gain a higher ranking in various search engine sites e.g. Google etc

The approach is applied to both the internal and external aspects of a website and focuses on the utilization of keywords and key phrases searches to attract traffic. Web searches are driven by several search engine sites that include Google, Yahoo, and MSN and the results returned are often referred to as ‘organic’ or natural traffic.

Why Optimise For Search Engines?

Google is currently the leading search engine as it drives approximately 60 percent (37 billion) of the total world searches. Yahoo comes next with 8.5 billion and Microsoft has 2.2 billion.

As such, search engine rankings are critical, as approximately 78 percent of users tend to end their search after the third results page when seeking products, services or an answer to a question.

Generating a high volume of traffic is essential to the success of a website as it can directly increase sales, advertising revenues, voters and referrals.

Search Engine Optimisation will allow you to increase your ‘organic’ returns, thus generating better results.

Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing and evolving, as all the internal and external aspects of a website are being considered.

You should however keep in mind that the highest rank is always a moving target and can only be achieved through use of effective SEO practices and strategies, and so planning and strategizing is also important in any kind of Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Semantic Space

Keywords and key phrases are important because they are the set of terms that best represent and identify your niche. This is critical as these are the word ‘sets’ that a user typically enters into their web browser when searching for a particular article or item.

Careful selection of the proper and best keywords will enable you to effectively attract your target audience and successfully guide them to your website.

Search Engine Preparation

However, it’s just not enough to define a good semantic space, it’s also essential that you ensure that the structure of your site is prepared for search engines at a much more technical level.

When it comes to relevance, it’s never a good idea to overload a page with too many keywords. Inserting keywords in every sentence will look clumsy and will become irritating to the reader. This may also dissuade your visitors from accessing your site again and this is the last thing that you need to happen. It’s more important that you consider the quality of the page.


In order to succeed, it’s vitally important that you are professional in your copywriting, web development, marketing, and advertising.

Content is also essential in Search Engine Optimisation, so it’s not advisable to load your page with unnecessary images, video, audio, or Flash.

This is where good copy plays an essential role. You should also ensure that the content is relevant but you should also be just as careful as you don’t want it to be too relevant for the taste of the search engines.


There is also a need for you to make certain that your page is well- organized. The most important information should have a higher rank and should be systematically organized through headings, paragraphs, and other HTML tags.

Link Popularity

Links are also important as they are considered to be one of the most important measurements in determining the rank of a certain site. Google and the other search engines measure the relevance of the site through these links from other external sites. Google actually prefers that various links are coming from a variety of external sites.

This is why it can be helpful to utilize various press releases, blogs and online directories.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is a dynamic and on-going process so it is essential that you take all of the factors into consideration. This is important to help to increase your internet presence so that more visitors will continue to access your site.

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