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Why Buying Google +1s won’t Improve your Search Engine Ranking

The Google +1 button works in much the same way as the Facebook ‘Like’ button in that it can improve your search engine ranking when used as it is intended to be used, but black hat SEO operators are now targeting the new social network in an attempt to boost their rankings.

Thankfully though Google is aware of the problem and it is reported that they are taking steps to combat the black hatters before they can make a significant difference to search engine rankings.

When asked about the method they intend to use to detect spam +1s, the experts at Google were understandably a bit reserved with their answer. They did however say that they would be carefully analysing the quality of individual user’s +1s by comparing them to the other +1s they have initiated. If there are large discrepancies between topics and themes then all +1s added to a user account could be considered spam.

Google are also trying to find a way to enforce the need to enter nothing but true personal details so that the number of fake identities and pseudonyms is greatly reduced. Either way using Google +1 black hat techniques to improve search engine ranking will eventually be detected and so are best left alone.

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