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Is it worth Merging Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques?

The new algorithm used by Google Panda specifies that website content has to be good quality in terms of spelling, grammar and the information it provides in order to pass the scrutiny of the bots. The algorithm doesn’t however specify that it still puts a lot of emphasis on keyword usage and so some webmasters have begun to merge certain black hat techniques, such as keyword stuffing and invisible text, to boost their SEO while still providing the Google bots with quality content.

And according to a few blogs this method of merging ‘good and bad’ seems to be working…but you can rest assured that it won’t work for long. The Google bots are far from stupid and trying to mask invisible text stuffed with your chosen keywords by adding numerous top quality articles to your site isn’t going to fool them.

Yes you might achieve a page 1 Google ranking for a short period of time but sooner or later the Google bots will spot your black hat SEO methods and they will penalise you for it. So in the long term, if you’re serious about the success of your website it’s much better to stick to the good, white hat methods and wait a bit longer for the rank you deserve.

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Is it worth Merging Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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