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Is Google Plus ever going to take off?

Google’s answer to Facebook, Google Plus, has been around a while now but according to a recent report by comScore, the new social media platform still comes up very short when compared to its counterparts. Figures included in the report show that users spent an average of just 3.3 minutes each using Google Plus during the month of January, whereas they spent 7.5 hours using Facebook. These figures have it seems taken a downturn from the previous few months, going from 5.1 minutes in November to 4.8 minutes in December and finally 3.3 minutes last month.

CEO of Google, Larry Page, answered the finding of the report with figures of his own, saying that Google Plus now has 90million users (up from 40million in October). He also said that the figures quoted by comScore fail to take into account users that access the site remotely from mobile devices, which is actually true.

So is Google Plus ever going to be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, and is it worth aiming SEO at the newest of the social media platforms?

Well in simple terms, if Mr Page is correct in what he says then there are 90million potential customers and clients already residing on Google Plus…which means it’s well worth the time it takes to build and optimise a Google Plus business page.

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