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Panda Zaps Spammy Links

The latest Google Panda update, released in Mid-January, has been designed to target what Google sees as ‘low quality’ websites. Unfortunately these low quality sites are the very same sites that a lot of unscrupulous webmasters build spam links with, and as a result the world of the spam link is set to come to an end.

Those webmasters who have taken the time to build quality links with relevant and related websites will neither benefit from nor suffer from the recent Panda updates. Those who chose to take the easy route though may find their search engine rank drops virtually overnight as the websites they’re linked to literally disappear.

But what qualifies as a low quality site? No one knows for sure but sites with the following should beware:

• Lots of content but low page rankings
• Lots of content but most of it is badly written or spun
• Lots of ads
• Very little or no moderation with regards to comments (and spam links)

Whether the update makes a noticeable difference with regards to search engine results remains to be seen, but at the very least it should encourage serious webmasters to concentrate more on quality content and less on link building with spam and scraper sites.

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